Much Ado

You may have heard, Apple is cancelling the Xserve. There is much apparent consternation about this decision, though according to Steve-o, they just weren’t selling that many of them, so it makes sense to drop that line of machine. And you’re not just totally out of luck to run OS X Server, since a Mac Pro is quite a machine, and Apple even offers the Mac mini in a server configuration, sans optical drive. As a matter of fact, there’s an entire business dedicated to Mac mini colocation for your cloud computing needs.

Yet, folks are upset. Take Alex Lindsay, who was lamenting this turn of events on Macbreak Weekly this week, whose workflow would be seriously disrupted if he couldn’t use Mac-based tools. But does he even use Xserves? In his words, “No.” So there you go; even a serious multimedia shop like Pixel Corps doesn’t use the Xserve for their Mac server needs. It just sounds to me like a product that didn’t have that much reason to exist.

To be fair, some of the worry is that this is a slippery slope, and the Mac Pro is next on the chopping block. I don’t think in a million years Apple would do that, though - as long as they have Pro apps, they will offer a Pro machine with expansion and the raw horsepower that you can only get with a Mac Pro.

For most people, though, I suspect a high-end Mac mini, or even a cluster of them, is sufficient.

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